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The first years of life are critical for a child’s learning and development. Children raised in healthy, strong families are better prepared for school. 


First 5 El Dorado Commission invests $1 million annually to build an early childhood system to assist families in preparing their children for school. 

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How does the community benefit?

For every dollar spent on early investments in young children, at least $4-$9 is saved in juvenile justice, remedial and special education.  Prevention and early intervention investments are critical.

What is School Readiness?

Children that enter school ready to learn score higher on third grade reading tests, a predictor of high school graduation rates. Community Hubs offer resources for parents, caregivers and families in preparing their child for school.

Ninety (90%) of a child’s brain develops by the age of 5, before they enter school. From birth, children who have regular doctor and dental check-ups, attend high quality child care, are read to and engaged every day are better prepared for school.

Tagline; Parents are a child's fist teacher
How do I prepare my child?
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