Children and Families Commission

First 5 El Dorado receives approximately $1 million annually through revenues generated by Proposition 10 passed by California voters in 1998.  These funds are used to enhance or fund new programs, services and infrastructure supportive of young children and families.  The aim is to invest effectively in a network of prevention and early intervention services for families with young children.



All children will live in nurturing families and enter school ready to learn.


First 5 El Dorado Children and Families Commission is committed to

strengthening children birth through 5 and their families by promoting

and enhancing comprehensive early childhood systems.


A Strategic Plan guides the Commissions work and is reviewed on an annual basis, maximized participation from community partners for a common purpose.

  • Together, we can help all children and families reach their potential. Our purpose is to assist communities to be more productive and stable. We also want to ensure the best use of available resources.

  • Bringing together partners across service delivery systems has a greater impact.

  • Together, we can achieve a common goal of strong communities and families.

  • The Commission is committed to convening communities and partners to leverage resources, accelerate momentum, and bring about changes that are greater than any one partner could achieve alone.


Investments are guided by an Annual Audit and Long Term Fiscal Plan:

  • Priority to maintain Early Childhood System.

  • Commission funding direct services within the annual allocation.

  • Five‐year Strategic Plan serving as the basis for decision‐making.

  • Long range fiscal plans assessed over a ten‐year period.

  • A strategic, systematic approach is taken in developing recommendations

  • Staff and contractors will continue to research opportunities to leverage additional funding.


An Evaluation Plan guides outcomes using a results based accountability framework, consistent with ordinance:


Improved Family Functioning

  • Children birth through 5 are read to on a daily basis.

  • Parents of children birth through 5 use positive strategies to guide and teach their child.

Improved Child Development

  • Children birth through 5 are cared for in high-quality environments.

Improved Child Health

  • Children birth through 5 have timely well child visits.

  • Children birth through 5 have semi-annual dental visits.

  • Children receive early screening and intervention for developmental delays and other special needs.

System of Care

  • Families engaging with Community Hubs will be resilient.

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