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Activities sponsored by Proposition 10 funds are expected to focus specifically on expectant parents and families with children birth through 5 years of age. Further, Proposition 10 has established four strategic result areas:

1. Improved Family Functioning: Strong families are those who are able to provide for the physical, mental, and emotional development of their children as young children are entirely dependent upon caregivers for survival and nurturing. Parents and caregivers provide the foundation for a child's ability to create successful relationships, solve problems and carry out responsibilities. Children who are encouraged to develop a strong self-concept from an early age are more likely to achieve a productive and fulfilling life.

2. Improved Child Development: High-quality early care and education helps children to develop the skills they need for kindergarten and later school success. Considerable research over the last several decades has demonstrated long-term gains for children that participate in high-quality early care and education, especially children from disadvantaged households.

3. Improved Child Health: Children who are healthy in mind, body, and spirit grow with confidence in their ability to live a fulfilling, productive life. Healthy children have sufficient nutrition, health care, nurture and guidance, mental stimulation, and live-in families and communities that value them.

4. Improved Systems: Many parents and caregivers with young children have difficulty in accessing existing forms of assistance, much less being able to learn about and utilize new services that are introduced. Proposition 10, therefore, included a mandate that strategic plans created by County Children and Families Commissions must show how each county will promote integration, linkage, and coordination among programs, service providers, revenue resources, professionals, community organizations, and residents. Further, services must be available in a culturally competent manner, embracing the differences in cultures and languages within the county.

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Investments in Families Impact Young Children

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