Strong relationships are important to your child’s development. A high quality provider will involve you in the program, connect with your child, offer community resources, and support you as your child’s first teacher.


Children who attend high quality child care are better prepared for school.

Learn what to look for in a quality

program, visit multiple providers, and

carefully choose a caregiver that fits you and your child best. Contact Choices for Children to find quality child care in your area. They will help guide you in what to look for and help develop an individual child care plan. You can also visit the resources page to learn more about choosing a high quality program.



A high quality provider will have education in child development, plan activities, offer healthy, safe and well supervised care and share information regularly with you about your child. Choosing high quality care can start by asking if the program is rated and reviewing their report card. Talk to your provider about what you want for your child.

If you have any questions about finding high quality child care, you can contact a referral specialist at Choices For Children:

Cameron Park: (530) 676-0707
South Lake Tahoe: (530) 541-5848

or online at

For other resources, such as health, literacy and parenting, connect with your Community Hub.


Call Choices for Children to find quality child care
in your area.

Ask questions about the provider’s training and if they have a report card. Make sure the provider is a good fit for your child.

Research the licensing at

Visit your Hub for story times, playgroups, and parenting programs.

To learn more and find schedules of Hub activities, visit the

Community Hubs page.

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Looking for child

care is like interviewing

a job candidate.  Know what

type of care you are looking for:  full day or part day; close to home or work; a child care center, family child care home or care in your home.  Call Choices For Children at

530-676-0707 or 530-541-5848 in South Lake Tahoe and discuss

your options with a referral specialist. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I find child care for my child?

Many parents start by asking their friends and family who they recommend, but in reality, getting in touch with a Referral Specialist with Choices for Children is the best place to start. They will help evaluate your needs and find quality options to explore.

What should I look for when choosing child care? How do I know it is safe?

Make a list of questions and visit the provider with your child. Ask about teacher’s education and training, watch how the provider engages your child and make sure the environment reflects what you want for your child.

What is the difference between daycare and preschool?

Daycares are licensed by the state and offered in a child care center or in a family home to provide care while parents work or go to school. A preschool is an educational program for children ages 3-5, typically a half day, with specific learning goals. Daycares can have a preschool program and both can have specific learning goals for children.

Does my child need to be potty-trained in order to attend Preschool?

The quick answer is; it depends. Some providers will work with Preschoolers still working on their potty-training and some may not. It’s best to talk with the provider about your child’s needs and see if it will be a good fit.

We are expecting! When should I start looking for child care?

Selecting the best care for your little one is an important decision. It can be very difficult to find an opening in child care centers, especially for infants. Start looking as soon as possible to find the right caregiver for your child.

How do I prepare my child for their first day?

Once you have chosen the right provider, it’s time to leave your child for the first time. It can be traumatic for parents and the child. To help you both with the transition, arrange to visit the child care before the first day. If possible, gradually leave your child for longer periods of time, practicing your goodbye and letting them know when you will return.

What are good ways for my child to socialize with other children?

Parents, grandparents and other caregivers who stay home may want to get out and meet neighborhood parents and children. The Library is a great place to start. Each library offers story times, playgroups, parenting classes and other opportunities to learn and meet other families.

Where can my kids go afterschool or during the summer?

Finding care for school age children can be a challenge. Many schools offer afterschool and summer programs on site through the County Office of Education. Other options include programs through local Community Service Districts or the Boys and Girls Club. Connect with Choices For children to find the option that best meets your family needs.

What other resources should I explore?

Where do I find activities for the summer?

Choices for Children releases an annual Summer Care Guide each May. Contact their offices and get connected to their distribution list. Cameron Park: (530) 626-0707 South Lake Tahoe: (530) 541-5848

What is the average cost of child care and how do I find assistance in paying for care?

The cost for child care varies. The place to start is by speaking with a referral specialist at Choices for Children to learn about the cost of care based on the type of care, age of child and area you are looking.

With each referral, parents are also linked to payment assistant programs countywide. You can explore the Choices for Children website, which has a section for Parents and a ‘Need Help Paying for Child Care’ link offering information and a downloadable application for CFC Subsidized Child Care.

Choices for Children

Cameron Park: (530) 676-0707

South Lake Tahoe: (530) 541-5848