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Strong relationships are important to your child’s development. A high quality provider will involve you in the program, connect with your child, offer community resources, and support you as your child’s first teacher.


Children who attend high quality child care are better prepared for school.

Learn what to look for in a quality

program, visit multiple providers, and

carefully choose a caregiver that fits you and your child best. Contact Catalyst Community to find quality child care in your area. They will help guide you in what to look for and help develop an individual child care plan. You can also visit the resources page to learn more about choosing a high quality program.



A high quality provider will have education in child development, plan activities, offer healthy, safe and well supervised care and share information regularly with you about your child. Choosing high quality care can start by asking if the program is rated and reviewing their report card. Talk to your provider about what you want for your child.

If you have any questions about finding high quality child care, you can contact a referral specialist at Catalyst Community:

Cameron Park: (530) 676-0707
South Lake Tahoe: (530) 541-5848

or online at

For other resources, such as health, literacy and parenting, connect with your Community Hub.


Call Catalyst Community to find quality child care
in your area.

Ask questions about the provider’s training and if they have a report card. Make sure the provider is a good fit for your child.

Research the licensing at

Visit your Hub for story times, playgroups, and parenting programs.

To learn more and find schedules of Hub activities, visit the

Community Hubs page.

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Looking for child

care is like interviewing

a job candidate.  Know what

type of care you are looking for:  full day or part day; close to home or work; a child care center, family child care home or care in your home.  Call Choices For Children at

530-676-0707 or 530-541-5848 in South Lake Tahoe and discuss

your options with a referral specialist. 

Child Care FAQ
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