Keeping you and your family healthy starts with regular checkups and monitoring physical and emotional development.


Your family’s well-being is shaped by the healthy food choices, regular exercise, and care you provide. See a doctor regularly during pregnancy, keep all health appointments and make sure your family is safe at all times.

What Can I Do?

Starting at birth, schedule and attend regular well-child visits to find and prevent health problems. Make health a part of your daily routine by exercising, sharing healthy meal times and keeping your family safe. Don’t forget about a healthy smile! Help keep teeth and gums healthy by visiting the dentist every six months, beginning at one year old or at the first tooth.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has a schedule of well-child care visits available online at By using this schedule, you will know when to take your child to the doctor, what to expect at each visit, questions to ask the doctor, and learn about preventive health.


If you have challenges finding insurance, doctors, or guiding your family’s health, a Community Health Advocate is available through your Hub to answer questions and work with you to strengthen your family’s wellness. Your Hub team also has a Public Health Nurse to provide health assessments, discuss options and connect you with community resources. Contact the Hub health staff by visiting your Hub or by calling 1-833-332-4827.

Who Can I Talk To?

Title: Why is Preventive Health Important?
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Title: Hub Activities

Community Health

Help you and your family find
health insurance.

Offer connections to doctors and dentists.

Provide information and
resources on health and
wellness at the library and
other community events.

Direct you and your family to
FREE community resources.

Public Health Nurses:

Offer personal health education
for you and your family.

Available for client advocacy and home visits.

Provide nursing assessments,
interventions and developmental

To learn more and find schedules of Hub activities, visit the Community Hubs page.

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Health Information Introduction and Contact phone

Family health

begins as early as

pregnancy. The more proactive

you are, the healthier you and your family will be. Our Community Health Advocates are available through your Community Hub to help navigate local health resources and a

Public Health Nurse is available for your questions and individual support.


Call (833) 332-4827 to get more information.


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