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Parents are a child's first teacher.

Even before they are born, your child is learning from you.

The more tools you have to help them on their way, the better!

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Visit the Doctor regularly. 
Keeping you and your family healthy starts with regular checkups and monitoring physical and emotional development. Your family’s well-being is shaped by the healthy food choices, regular exercise, and care you provide. Keep all health appointments and make sure your family is safe at all times.

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Talk, read and sing daily.
Readers start by hearing thousands of new words before they go to school. You are the first and most important teacher. Talking about your day, singing songs in the car, and reading stories at bedtime are just a few ways to build stronger brains and form bonds together.

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Nurture your child. 
Your child’s behavior is linked to their development. The more connected you are, the better parent you can be. Knowing where they are developmentally will help you understand their behavior and respond in a positive way to guide their learning. You can strengthen your family by building positive relationships. Click the links below to complete a developmental check-up.

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Choose high quality child care. 

Children who attend high quality child are better prepared for school.  A high quality provider will involve you in the program, connect with your child, offer community resources, and support you as your child’s first teacher. 

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Get connected. 
Community Hubs are a place where families are healthy, caring, learning and growing.  Hubs offer groups, activities, and classes for families with children ages 0-18 supported by a team of family engagement, literacy and health specialists.

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